What are the production equipment of automotive grade urea ?

Diesel vehicles need to use automotive grade urea to treat exhaust gas, automotive grade urea is composed of high-purity urea and deionized water, production is not difficult, the main production equipment is pure water production equipment, urea liquid production equipment, finished product filtration equipment, filling equipment, capping equipment and production date and batch number coding equipment. For a set of automotive grade urea equipment, The overall price mainly depends on its manufacturer and specifications. Let’s learn about the automotive urea production equipment.

Now diesel vehicles with emission standard stage IV, stage V and stage VI need to use automotive grade urea solution, automotive grade urea solution market is also constantly expanding, many manufacturers want to produce automotive grade urea solution, for the production of automotive grade, the following equipment is needed:

1.Pure water production equipment: for the production of deionized water, generally reverse osmosis system EDI system is used .

2.Urea liquid production equipment: usually use spiral feeding machine, vehicle urea particles were dissolved by proportioning agitation, when it’s completely dissolved, we will get automotive grade urea solution; In the cold places in the north, dissolving tank with heating device is generally used.

3.Finished product filtration equipment: the produced urea liquid will be filtered through the filtration equipment to meet the requirements of no impurities.

4.Filling equipment: After the ultrafiltration is finished, we can fill and ship it as normal through the filling equipment to fill the automotive grade urea into the barrel.

5.Capping equipment: responsible for tightening the lid of the automotive grade urea tank on the assembly line.

6.Production date and batch number coding equipment: responsible for printing the production date and batch number on the automotive grade urea drum.

We have been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of automotive grade urea equipment for many years, we strictly test each batch of offline products in accordance with the implementation standard of automotive grade urea :GB29518-2013 national standard. Automotive grade urea production equipment includes two type: semi-automatic line and automatic line. And It is also a multi-purpose machine, usually used glass water, antifreeze, car wash liquid, all-round water, tire wax can be produced with it.

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Post time: Dec-07-2023