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  • Application of EDI high purity water equipment in vehicle urea field

    With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, urea for vehicles has gradually been widely used in the field of exhaust gas purification of diesel vehicles. As a green and clean energy, the annual demand of urea for vehicles is also increasing year by year. In the process of preparing...
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  • Application of circulating water equipment in car washing industry

    With the development of the automobile industry, the car washing industry has gradually emerged, and one of the basic equipment in the car wash industry is the car washing machine. The use of car washing machines has greatly improved the speed of car washing, reduced labor costs, and has become t...
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  • Applications of FPR products in Industrial field

    With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous growth of demand, FRP has emerged as a new type of material, and has attracted much attention because of its excellent performance and wide application. Let’s take a look at the introduction of FRP products and their applicat...
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