Project cases of industrial water treatment equipment

Weifang Toption Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Weifang, China, is a professional industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer that provides customers with one-stop solutions for their water treatment systems. We offer R&D, production, sales, equipment installation, commissioning and operation, technical service, and consultation.

Our main products include automatic water softening equipment, water recycling equipment (including car washing water recycling equipment, which can provide a complete set of car washing line schemes according to customer needs), UF ultrafiltration equipment, seawater desalination equipment, RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment, EDI ultrapure water equipment, sewage treatment equipment such as industrial and domestic sewage treatment equipment, integrated sewage treatment equipment, Inclined tube settler, sludge dewatering extruder, etc.

Please let us introduce a few cases for your reference.

1. Project case: Car beauty shop/car wash water recycling project

Equipment process: sand filter+carbon filter+bag filter+precision filter.

Equipment advantages: water conservation, environmental sustainability, cost savings, and improve water quality

2. Project case: School direct drinking water project

Processing scale: 120T direct drinking water equipment

Raw water condition: municipal tap water

Treatment process: raw water+pretreatment+reverse osmosis+disinfection+water supply system

Equipment advantages: intelligent control, aseptic transmission, sealed storage, safety and stability, record monitoring

3. Project case: Pharmaceutical industry purified water project

Processing scale: Phase I: 300T/D filter equipment; Phase II: 2 sets of 30T/D purified water equipment

Raw water condition: Raw water is well water, hardness, sulfate and chloride exceed the standard

Treatment process: Heat exchanger+multi-media filter+PH regulation system+scale inhibition dosing device+precision filter+reverse osmosis membrane method as one of the fully automatic complete sets of equipment

Equipment advantages: intelligent control, aseptic transmission, sealed storage,    

safety and stability, record monitoring

4. Project case: Well water purification equipment for food industry

Processing scale: 200 tons/hour

Treatment process: well water – original water tank – quartz sand filter – clean water tank

5. Project case: waste treatment plant water purification project

Treatment scale: 500T water purification system

Raw water condition: groundwater

Treatment process: raw water+pretreatment+reverse osmosis +water supply system

Equipment advantages: well-known reverse osmosis membrane, PLC automatic program control, automatic cleaning function

The products shown in the above cases are not all the product models . Most of our products are customized according to customer requirements, according to order production, the company has strict quality control and a certain R & D ability. If you would like more information, please visit our website Or if you have any need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Post time: May-25-2024