Car Wash Water Recycling System

Car wash water recycling system/ car wash water treatment equipment/ recycling water treatment equipment is a kind of water treatment equipment which is based on precipitation treatment through the use of physical and chemical comprehensive treatment methods to treatment the oil, turbidity (suspended matter), insoluble solid matter in the car wash wastewater. The device adopts the “comprehensive filtration method” water treatment process and is designed according to the sedimentation filtration method adopted by the storage rule and the self-coagulation maximization principle of the sedimentation, so that the sewage and waste water rising after the introduction of the system can be accurately filtered through the self-developed filtration layer, sterilization and disinfection, and fully reach the reuse standard, so as to save water and protect the environment.

With the continuous increase in car ownership, the demand for car washing industry is also expanding. However, the traditional way of car washing often has the problem of large water consumption and serious waste of water resources, in order to solve this problem, SINOTOPTION has made an efficient and water-saving car wash water recycling system, which not only meets the needs of car washing, but also realizes the recycling of water resources, and contributes to the cause of green environmental protection.

1.Car wash water recycling system characteristics:
1)Efficient and water-saving:SINOTOPTION car was wash water recycling system/ car wash water recycling equipment adopts advanced water treatment technology, which can effectively remove sediment, grease, heavy gold and other impurities in the water, so that the circulating water meets the car washing standard, greatly reducing the water consumption, compared with the traditional car washing method, the water-saving effect is significant.
2)Automatic operation: The equipment adopts intelligent control system, can realize automatic start and stop, automatic backwashing and other functions, simple operation, reduce labor costs.
3) Energy saving and environmental protection: Through recycling water resources, reduce wastewater discharge and reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, there is no need to add chemical agents during the operation of the equipment, and secondary pollution is avoided.
4) Cost saving: The use of car wash water recycling system, enterprises can save a lot of water resources costs and sewage treatment costs, reduce operating costs.
5) Wide range of application: The equipment is suitable for various sizes of car washes, car beauty shops, 4S shops and other places to meet the needs of different customers.

2.Application scenarios
SINOTOPTION car wash water recycling system is widely used in various car washing places, such as:
1) Car beauty shop: to provide customers with efficient and water-saving car wash service, improve the shop image, increase customer satisfaction.
2) 4S shop: Provide high-quality car washing service for new cars, ensure the quality of cars and improve customer loyalty.
3) Large car wash: Through the use of car wash water recycling system, to achieve efficient operation of large-scale car wash business, reduce operating costs.
4) Community self-service car washing points: Provide convenient and environmentally friendly car washing services for community residents to improve the quality of life.

3.After-sales service
SINOTOPTION will provide customers with a full range of after-sales service support. We have a professional technical team to provide customers with timely and efficient service to ensure the normal operation of equipment. At the same time, we also provide regular equipment inspection and maintenance services to ensure the service life and performance of the equipment.

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Post time: Apr-09-2024