Water softening equipment selection and applications

Water softening equipment, also known as water softener, is a kind of ion exchange water softener during operation and regeneration operation, which uses sodium type cation exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water and reduce the hardness of raw water, thus avoiding the phenomenon of scaling in pipes, containers and boilers.

The application range of water softening equipment is very wide, mainly including the following aspects:

1)Industrial field. Cooling systems, boilers and heat exchangers used in automotive manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, metal processing and other industries to reduce scale and corrosion and increase the efficiency and life of equipment.
2) Hotel and catering industry. Used for laundry, dishes, etc.
3)Domestic and commercial water use. It is used for water supply cycle of steam boiler, hot water boiler, central air conditioning system, boiler water softening equipment, direct gas turbine and other systems, as well as domestic water treatment of hotels, restaurants, office buildings and apartments.
4)Food and beverage industry. It is used in the production process of drinking pure water, beverages, low alcoholic wine, beer, juice concentrate and so on.
5)Pharmaceutical industry. It is used in the production of medical infusion, pharmaceutical and biochemical products.
6)Chemical and textile industries. Used to prevent equipment scaling and corrosion, to ensure production efficiency and product quality.
7)Electronics industry. Used in monocrystalline silicon semiconductor, integrated circuit board, electroplating, picture tube manufacturing system, to ensure the high quality of products.

Users should understand the following points before consulting water softening equipment with the manufacturer’s engineers for faster and more accurate selection.

1.You need to provide what kind of system you use softened water:
1) Heating
2) Cooling and water supply
3) Process water
4) Boiler water
5) Steel smelting industry
6) Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

2.The system water consumption time:
That is, running time/hourly water consumption/average value/peak value……
Does the equipment require a continuous water supply?
If necessary, choose the twin bed integrated control or double control twin bed series, otherwise you can choose the single valve single tank series.

3.The total hardness of the source water
The water source is municipal tap water or groundwater? Surface water sources, the total hardness of raw water in the use area. For a certain type of water softener, the hardness of raw water is high, and its periodic water production must be relatively reduced, resulting in frequent regeneration of water softener equipment. The service life of resin is relatively reduced. In order to avoid such situations, the volume of the resin should be increased, which means the selection of a larger model of water softener.

4.the required unit flow of soft water (tons/hour).
This depends on the nature and requirements of the user device.

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Post time: Mar-29-2024