The Models of the Water Softening Equipment

Water softening equipment, as the name suggests, is the equipment to reduce the hardness of water, mainly to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, which is widely used for the make-up water softening for systems like steam boiler, hot water boiler, exchanger, evaporative condenser, air conditioning, direct gas turbine and others. It can also be used for the treatment of domestic water in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, homes, and for the softened water treatment in the industries of food, beverage, brewing, laundry, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Water softening equipment can be divided into a variety of models, such as single tank time type, single tank flow type, double tank flow type, etc., and the double tank flow type can be divided into one for use one for preparation type and run simultaneously, regenerate respectively type to meet the different needs of users. This article will introduce the various models of Water softening equipment.

Various models of Water softening equipment:

1. single tank time type: microcomputer time control, the equipment runs to the set time then automatically into the regeneration state, can be regenerated once a day or several days.

2. single tank flow type: using turbine flow control or electronic flow sensor control, when the equipment water production reaches the pre-set flow, it is automatically into the regeneration state, can be regenerated many times a day.

3. one for use one for preparation type: when the first running tank water reaches the set flow rate into the regeneration stage, at the same time, another tankenters the working state, so that the two tanks can alternately work and regenerate, and the water supply can be continuous for 24 hours.

4. run simultaneously, regenerate respectively type: two tanks run at the same time, after reaching the flow rate, one tank is regenerated first, the other tank continues to produce water, the first regenerated tank enters the working state after regeneration, the other tank enters the regeneration state, and the two tanks enter the simultaneous working state after regeneration.

The above is the introduction of various models of Water softening equipment, in general, these models of Water softening equipment can be divided into two categories of flow type and time type, which is the same in function, but there are differences in the form of triggering regenerative signals, their difference is reflected in the control system, the inlet and outlet with impeller components is flow type Water softening equipment.

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Post time: May-25-2024