Water Recycling Machine for Car Wash

The water recycling machine for car wash is a new equipment that is upgraded and modified on the basis of the traditional car washing way. It uses advanced circulating water technology to recycle water resources while washing cars, save water, reduce sewage, environmental protection and energy saving. The car wash shop does not need to be closed for renovation when the water recycling machine f is used , and renovation does not affect the normal business, making the recycling and reuse of the car wash waste water more simple and easier. The treatment process fully follows the sewage recycling and multistage mass treatment, ensuring the effective removal of the corresponding pollutants while protecting the health and safety of different uses of water. It is not only small size, small footprint, can be moved at will, easy to assemble; And energy saving and environmental protection, no secondary pollution, so as to achieve a true sense of recycling, effectively protect the water environment, but also greatly reduce the cost of car washing, improve the economic benefits of the car washing industry.

The following are the advantages of water recycling machine for car wash:

1. Efficient filtration of impurities in water. The water recycling machine for car wash firstly passes the water through the filter to remove the debris, and then it is deeply purified by the precipitation system of the equipment to further filter out the impurities, and finally get pure circulating water. This treatment method makes sand, soil, small stones and other particles in the water almost all filtered out, greatly improving the quality of circulating water.

2. Heating and oxygenation treatment. After filtering and separating the water flow, the water recycling machine for car wash carries out a series of treatments such as heating and oxygenating the water, which can effectively reduce the pH of the water, increase the stability of the water body to the outside world, and reduce the cost of post-treatment.

3. Save water. The use of circulating water equipment makes the flow of water wasted each time very small, thus saving water consumption to the greatest extent. This can not only reduce the operating costs of the car wash shop, but also avoid the waste of water.

4. Environmental protection and no pollution. The non-sedimentation tank water recycling machine for car wash adopts the method of recycling treatment, which can reduce the waste of water, reduce the use of water, and the discharge of sewage is greatly reduced. Can minimize water pollution, avoid pollution of the environment and water sources.

5. Intelligent operation and easy maintenance. The water recycling machine for car wash is automatically operated, and has intelligent identification function, real-time monitoring of the operation of the equipment and water quality cleaning, etc., and automatic alarm if there is a fault. It is easy to operate and use, does not require personnel to guard, and is very convenient to install and use.

6. The equipment does not need additional sedimentation tank, simple operation, space saving, easy to move.

In short, the water recycling machine for car wash is an advanced, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, easy to operate and maintain equipment. It can help car wash shop to save water, reduce pollution and improve the cleaning rate of oil fumes. At the same time, the excellent function and stable performance ensure that it is widely popular in the market, and the market prospect will be very broad.

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Post time: Apr-18-2024