How to choose a high cost-effective FRP fiberglass reinforced resin tank?

Fiberglass resin tanks are pressure vessels in water treatment equipment that can be used for filtration or softening treatment. At present, there are many FRP resin tanks sold on the market, the price gap is very large, we can not say a specific price, but we can choose a high cost-effective  resin tanks through a series of comparisons?

1. Product materials: most of the glass fiber reinforced plastic resin tanks are composed of an inner liner and a winding layer, the inner liner has a glass fiber inner liner, PE inner liner, etc. The winding layer is formed by fiber winding yarn and resin mixed winding. Fiber winding yarn includes alkali yarn and non-alkali yarn; Resins include epoxy resin and unsaturated resin. The tank containing alkali yarn, unsaturated resin and other materials is low in price, but has poor oxidation resistance, easy aging and low fatigue resistance. Although the price of tank with non-alkali yarn, epoxy resin and other materials is high, but the oxidation resistance is strong, the service life of the tank is long.

2. Appearance: The epoxy resin tank is bright in color, the natural color is light green, and the unsaturated resin tank is dark and dull in color, the color is yellow.

3. Pressure grade: The pressure grade of the commonly used FRP resin tank is 100psi, 125psi, 150psi, the higher the pressure grade, the more raw materials, the thicker the wall and the heavier the mass, the higher the safety performance when used. Due to the increase in production costs, the price is naturally higher than other low-grade tanks.

When buying, we tend to prefer the lower-priced products and ignore other features of the products. When purchasing FRP resin tanks, factors such as quality, shelf life, and bearing capacity should be considered comprehensively to reduce the risk of tank bursting and leakage during use, so as not to cause greater economic losses.

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Post time: Aug-09-2023