GRP/FRP/SMC Water Storage Tank

The whole GRP/FRP water storage tank is made of high-quality SMC water tank panels. It is also called SMC water tank, SMC storage tank, FRP/GRP water tank, SMC panel tank. GRP/FRP water tank uses food grade resin to ensure good water quality, clean and pollution-free. It’s nontoxic, durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant and good-looking with high strength long service life. Meanwhile, it’s easy to maintain.

Sectional FRP/GRP water tank is the replacement of old-type cement water tank, it’s widely used in working conditions, residential, hotels, restaurants and other buildings as a water storage facility for domestic drinking water, reclaimed water treatment, fire water and other water .

GRP/FRP water tank accessories generally include fabricated steel base, water tank panel, sealing rubber strip, screws, tiepieces, support, tiepiece panel, fixed angle iron, internal ladder and external ladder, leakage plugging, glass glue, water level gauge, flange and so on.

1. The fabricated steel base is located between the concrete foundation and the water tank body, its role is to evenly transfer the weight of the water tank and water to the lower concrete foundation to avoid stress imbalance or uneven settlement of the glass fiber reinforced plastic FRP/GRP tank bottom plate.

2. GRP/FRP water tank panel is made of glass fiber reinforced materials and molded by high-temperature and high-pressure technology. There are three standard panel sizes: 1000mm×1000mm, 1000mm×500mm and 500mm×500mm, pane thickness is 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm.

3. In the middle of the water tank panel there is non-toxic sealing rubber strip to prevent water leakage.

4. In simple terms, tiepiece is to pull both sides of the water tank panel in order to fix the water tank and to prevent the water tank from tank burst due to being too full of water. The water tank will bear an outward tension after holding water, and then it is necessary to add tiepiece and support to the force. The tiepiece system includes round steel, internal and external tiepiece plate, and bolt.

5. The water level gauge is used to indicate the water level.

6. Inlet flange, outlet flange, sewage flange, overflow flange, all nozzle opening position specified on site.

Installation method

1. When installing, leave no less than 800mm maintenance channel between the tank body and the wall, and the maintenance channel for the top and bottom of the tank are not less than 500mm;

2. Make the concrete bar foundation first during civil construction;

3. After assembly, the outlet pipe and drain pipe should be closed, the inlet and outlet should be opened, and no leakage of water should be qualified for 24 hours after filling with water;

4. Provide construction power supply and water for sealing check at the construction site.

Precautions for installation and commissioning:

The foundation of the water tank can be made of concrete bar beams or I-beams. The top corner of the tank is equipped with a breathable air filter. The inside of the water tank is used with tension bars/tiepiece. Each pipe port flange is 1.0MPa standard flange.

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Post time: Aug-24-2023