Screw Sludge Dewatering Machine

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The Screw sludge dewatering machine, also known as the screw sludge dewatering machine, sludge treatment equipment ,sludge extruder ,sludge extrator ,etc. is a kind of water treatment equipment widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects and industrial industries such as petrochemical, light industry, chemical fiber, paper making, pharmaceutical, leather and so on. In the early days, the screw filter was blocked because of the filter structure. With the development of spiral filtration technology, a relatively new filter structure appeared. The prototype of spiral filter equipment with dynamic and fixed ring filter structure — the cascade spiral sludge dehydrator began to be launched, which can well avoid the problems caused by the blockage, and therefore began to be promoted. The spiral sludge dehydrator has been widely used in many fields because of its characteristics of easy separation and non-clogging.

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Working process

1. Concentration: When the spiral push shaft rotates, the multiple solid active laminates located outside the push shaft move relative to each other. Under the action of gravity, water filters out from the relative moving laminate gap to achieve rapid concentration.

2. Dehydration: the concentrated sludge moves forward continuously with the rotation of the spiral axis; Along the exit direction of the mud cake, the pitch of the spiral shaft decreases gradually, the gap between the rings also decreases gradually, and the volume of the spiral cavity shrinks continuously. Under the action of the back pressure plate at the outlet, the internal pressure is gradually enhanced. Under the continuous operation of the screw pushing shaft, the water in the sludge is extruded and discharged, and the solid content of the filter cake is continuously increased, and the continuous dehydration of the sludge is finally realized.

3. Self-cleaning: the rotation of the spiral shaft drives the moving ring to rotate constantly. The sludge dewatering equipment relies on the movement between the fixed ring and the moving ring to realize the continuous self-cleaning process, so as to subtly avoid the common blockage of the traditional dehydrator

truck-mounted sludge extruder

Structural Principle

The main body of the screw dewatering machine is a filter device formed by the fixed ring and the walking ring overlapping each other and the spiral shaft running through it. The front part is the enrichment part and the back part is the dehydration part.


The filter gap formed between the fixed ring and the traveling ring and the pitch of the spiral shaft gradually decrease from the enrichment part to the dehydration part.


The rotation of the spiral shaft not only pushes the sludge transfer from the thickening part to the dewatering part, but also continuously drives the traveling ring to clean the filter joint and prevent plugging.

Principle of Dehydration

After gravity concentration in the thickening part, the sludge is transported to the dewatering part. In the process of progress, with the gradual reduction of the filter seam and pitch, as well as the blocking action of the back pressure plate, great internal pressure is generated, and the volume is constantly reduced to achieve the purpose of full dehydration

Models & Technical Parameters

We are many models of Sludge dehydrator , and can supply cutomized models. Below are the main models :

       Model Capacity   Size

(L * W * H)

    KG/Hour m³/Hour
TOP131 6~10Kg/h 0.2~3m3/h 1816×756×1040 0.3KW
TOP201 10~18Kg/h 0.5~9m3/h 2500×535×1270 0.5KW
TOP301 30~60Kg/h 2~15m3/h 3255×985×1600 1.2KW
TOP302 60~120Kg/h 3~30m3/h 3455×1295×1600 2.3KW
TOP303 90~180Kg/h 4~45m3/h 3605×1690×1600 3.4KW
TOP401 60~120Kg/h 4~45m3/h 4140×1000×2250 1.7KW
TOP402 120~240Kg/h 8~90m3/h 4140×1550×2250 3.2KW
TOP403 180~360Kg/h 12~135m3/h 4420×2100×2250 4.5KW
TOP404 240~480Kg/h 16~170m3/h 4420×2650×2250 6.2KW

Product Advantages

● Compact body design, concentration and dehydration integration, with electric control cabinet and sludge flocculation mixing tank and other auxiliary devices, strong compatibility for supporting equipment, easy to design.

● Small design, easy to adapt to local conditions, can reduce the footprint of the dehydrator itself and construction costs.

● It has the function of sludge concentration, so it does not need the concentration and storage unit, and reduces the overall occupation space and construction cost of sewage treatment facilities.

● The main body of the dehydrater has self-cleaning function, so there is no need to prevent sludge blockage and a large amount of water cleaning.

Low speed screw extrusion technology, low power consumption.

● Electric control cabinet is equipped with automatic control device, from conveying sludge, injecting liquid, concentrating dehydration, to discharging mud cake, to realize 24 hours automatic continuous unmanned operation, reduce the cost of workers.

Application Field

The sludge dewatering machine/sludge dehydrator are widely used in below fields:

1. Applicable to municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, leather, welding material, paper making, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge.

2. Suitable for dewatering of high and low concentration sludge. When dewatering low-concentration (2000mg/L~) sludge, there is no need to build enrichment tank and storage tank, so as to reduce the construction cost and reduce the release of phosphorus and the generation of anaerobic odor.

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