Walnut Shell Filter for Water Treatment

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Walnut shell filter is the use of filtration separation principle developed successfully separation equipment, the use of oil-resistant filter material – special walnut shell as a filter medium, the walnut shell with large surface area, strong adsorption, large amount of pollution characteristics, remove the oil and suspended matter in the water.

Filtration, water flow from top to bottom, through the water distributor, filter material layer, water collector, complete filtration. Backwash, the agitator turns the filter material, water bottom up, so that the filter material is thoroughly cleaned and regenerated.

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Technical Parameter

Below is the parameters of walnut shell strainer

Working environment parameters:

Working pressure: ≤0.6MPa; Inlet water pressure: ≥0.4MPa;

Backwashing inlet water pressure: ≥ 0.15MPa; Inlet and outlet pressure difference: 0.1-0.2MPa

Operating parameters working mode:

Pressure type; Operation mode: water flow from top to bottom; Filtration speed: 20-25m/h; Operation cycle: 8-24h;

Backwash mode: water backwash;

Backwash water consumption: 1-3%; Backwash strength: 4-15l/s·m2;

Backwash duration: 20-30min; Backwash expansion rate: 30-50%

Treatment effect:

Coarse filter water: oil, ≤100mg/L, SS, ≤50mg/L;

Effluent: oil, ≤10mg/L, SS, ≤10mg/L;

Fine filter water: oil, ≤20mg/L, SS, ≤20mg/L;

Effluent: oil, ≤5mg/L, SS, ≤5mg/L;

Two-stage series water intake: oil, ≤100mg/L, SS, ≤50mg/L;

Effluent: oil, ≤5mg/L, SS, ≤5mg/L;

Intercepting capacity 6-20kg/m3

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Product advantage of Walnut Shell Filter

1. Due to the nature of hydrophilic not oil-philic, the walnut shell is stirred to rub each other in the movement when backwashing, so that the desorption ability is strong, the regeneration ability is strong, the chemical stability is good, conducive to the long-term stability of the filter performance.

2. The walnut shell fiter equipment adopts deep bed filtration, which can greatly improve the intercepting capacity.

3. The use of anti-blocking maze instead of ordinary water distribution screen, to avoid the filter in the process of operation with the increase of time or water quality changes and blockage phenomenon.

4. Strong adsorption and large amount of pollution interception;

5. Oil immersion resistance, double effect removal of oil and suspended matter;

6. Easy regeneration, backwash without medicine;

7. It can be connected in series or parallel.


1. Treatment of oily sewage from land and Marine oil fields, petrochemical and metallurgical fields.

2. Treatment of oily sewage in ports, wharves and oil depots.

3. Treatment of ships and other oily sewage.

4. Applicable to the recycling and filtration treatment of oily sewage and other oily wastewater recycling systems in iron and steel, metallurgical industry, coal industry.

5. It is suitable for fine filtration of oil field reinjection water with large water volume, water produced from offshore oil platform and water reclaimed from hot recovery boiler of heavy oil field.

6. Suitable for filtration treatment and advanced treatment of cooling circulating water in power plant, refinery and petrochemical plant.

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