What factors need to be considered when selecting a wastewater treatment equipment and treatment processes?

Toption Machinery is a leading manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment. Usually for wastewater treatment, especially for wastewater having different characters such as chemical wastewater, farming wastewater, medical wastewater, domestic wastewater, etc., the nature of wastewater is different, and wastewater treatment processes used are also different. So what factors should be considered when choosing a wastewater treatment equipment?

1. wastewater quality

The quality of domestic wastewater is usually relatively stable, and the general treatment methods include acidification, aerobic biological treatment, disinfection, etc. Industrial wastewater treatment processes should be reasonably selected according to the specific water quality situation. For medical wastewater treatment we should pay attention to the choice of disinfection process.

2. The degree of wastewater treatment

This is the main basis for the selection of wastewater treatment equipment. In principle, the degree of wastewater treatment depends on the water quality characteristics of wastewater, the destination of the treated water and the self-purification capacity of the water body into which the wastewater flows. However, at present, the degree of wastewater treatment mainly follows the requirements of the relevant legal system and technical policies of the Country. No matter what kind of wastewater needs to be treated, no matter what kind of treatment process is adopted, it should be based on the premise that the effluent of the treated water can meet the discharge standards.

3. Construction and operating costs

When considering construction and operation costs, the treated water should meet the water quality standards. Under this premise, the treatment processes with low engineering construction and operating costs should be paid attention to. In addition, reducing the floor space is also an important measure to reduce construction costs.

4. Difficulty of engineering construction:

The difficulty of engineering construction is also one of the influencing factors for the selection of treatment processes. If the groundwater table is high and the geological conditions are poor, it is not suitable to choose treatment structures with large depth and high construction difficulty.

5. Local natural and social conditions:

Local topography, local climate and other natural conditions also have a certain impact on the choice of wastewater treatment processes. If the local climate is cold, after taking appropriate technical measures, it is necessary to ensure that the wastewater treatment equipment can operate normally in the low temperature season and obtain a process that meets the standard water quality.

6. The amount of wastewater:

 In addition to water quality, the amount of wastewater is also one of the influencing factors. For wastewater with large changes in water quantity and quality, the use of a process with strong shock load resistance should be considered first, or the establishment of buffer equipment such as a conditioning pool should be considered to minimize the adverse impact.

7. Whether new contradictions arise in the treatment process

In the process of wastewater treatment, attention should be paid to whether it will cause secondary pollution problems. For example, the wastewater of pharmaceutical factories contains a large amount of organic substances (such as benzene, toluene, bromine, etc.), and organic waste gas will be emitted during the aeration process, which will affect the surrounding atmospheric environment. The gas-making wastewater of the fertilizer plant is recycled after precipitation and cooling treatment, and it will contain cyanide in the exhaust gas of the cooling tower, causing pollution to the atmosphere; In the wastewater treatment of dimethoate in the pesticide factory, dimethoate is degraded by alkalinization method, such as the use of lime as alkalizing agent, the sludge produced will cause secondary pollution; When printing and dyeing or dyeing factory wastewater treatment, sludge disposal is a key consideration.

In short, for the selection of wastewater treatment process we should comprehensively consider various factors, and the technical and economic comparison of a variety of schemes can be concluded in order to draw conclusions. The Toption Machinery’s wastewater treatment equipment has been recognized and praised by many customers for its advanced technology, high-quality materials, stable performance and good after-sales service. In the future, Toption Machinery will continue to increase research and development efforts, constantly improve product performance and services, and provide customers with better quality wastewater treatment equipment, thereby promoting the development of China’s water treatment equipment industry.

Post time: Jul-19-2023