Water treatment equipment for the glass industry

In the actual production of the glass industry, the production of insulating glass and LOW-E glass have requirements for water quality.

1.Insulating glass

Insulating glass is a post-processing process of glass, with the existing need for glass, it is processed into the desired specifications and effects. The main use is in the process of insulating glass production, the edge needs to be cut, and the glass surface needs to be cleaned dry when the edge is cleaned.

Some insulating glass manufacturers use tap water, well water or ordinary water to clean the glass, which is not in line with the requirements. Because tap water, especially well water contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, chlorine plasma, when these ions are attached to the glass surface, it will affect the bonding quality of butyl adhesive, secondary sealant and the glass surface, thus affecting the sealing life of insulating glass, which is easy to lead to sealing failure. Ordinary clean water only filters out the particulate impurities in the water, and cannot remove the ions in the water.

The cleaning water for insulating glass should be deionized water with conductance less than 20us/cm after being treated by water treatment equipment with deion function. A normal insulating glass production line, we need to configure a set of 500 liters/hour of pure water equipment to meet the use, water consumption is not large. The water in the cleaning machine tank should be replaced frequently to keep it clean. When changing the water, the sediment in the tank should be cleaned up to prevent the water supply pump of the tank from bringing these sediments to the mixing brush.

2.Coated glass

Coated glass, also known as reflective glass, is coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound films on the surface of the glass to change the optical properties of the glass. According to the different characteristics of the product, it can be divided into: heat reflecting glass, low emissivity glass, conductive film glass and so on. In the process of production, the early cleaning requirements are very high, especially the degree of cleaning water requirements, the quality of water quality is crucial to the quality of the coating. If the glass is not clean enough, it’s easy to cause the coating off of the glass surface. Deionized water purity should be controlled in the resistivity above 15 megohm, if lower than the value, EDI should be adjusted to make the resistivity reach the required value, otherwise the film will be removed because the water quality is not clean.

Note: The pipe connecting the water treatment equipment and the cleaning machine tank should be regularly purged and cleaned, if the residual water in the pipe does not flow for a long time, it will breed bacteria and algae, which will be brought to the tank in use, so that the cleaning water itself is not passed, resulting in poor coating.

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Post time: Feb-27-2024