Information required to design a pure water equipment

Toption machinery is a leading water treatment equipment manufacturer, pure water equipment as one of our core equipments, before the design we need to know as much as possible about the needs of customers, local water quality, and the size and environment of the installation site, so as to design a pure water equipment that meets customer needs, today we will take you to understand what information and materials do customers need to provide before designing pure water equipment?

Firstly, provide a local raw water quality report. The raw water quality report is the basis for designing the processing technology used in the pure water station. The source of raw water can be divided into tap water, surface water, groundwater, well water, river water, reclaimed water, etc., different water sources contain different components, therefore, we need to know the composition of substances contained in the water source, it is possible to choose the appropriate processing technology for separation and removal.

Secondly, have an in-depth understanding of the customer’s product requirements. The industry in which the product is located, the specific indicators of pure water yielding water, including yielding water resistivity, yielding water conductivity, particles, TOC, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, silica, metal ions, trace elements, colony number and so on. The higher the water quality requirements, the higher the construction cost, and the more complex the processing technology required. Different yielding water indicators, the brand requirements for equipment are also different, therefore, obtaining an accurate yielding water production index can not only save the owner a large investment cost, but also greatly shorten the equipment construction cycle.

Thirdly, well know the condition of the site. The environment of the site is the basis for our drawing design and planning layout. Before the construction of pure water equipment, it is necessary to know the infrastructure of the site, the length and width of the site, the headroom height, the pressure-bearing capacity, the size of the inlet and outlet reserved for entry, the floor, etc. These data are related to the entry, hoisting, installation, and construction of the equipment, if the size is inaccurate, it will cause the equipment to be unable to enter the site, difficult lifting, unsmooth construction, etc., thus affecting the construction progress of the project, and will also increase the construction cost.

These are some of the information that Toption Machinery needs to know before designing pure water equipment. If you have requirement of pure water equipment, Please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jul-11-2023