How often to replace the consumables of the reverse osmosis equipment?

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is a commonly used water treatment equipment, which can effectively remove impurities, salts and microorganisms in water, so that the purity of water can be improved. Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is mainly composed of the following parts: pretreatment system: including sand filter, activated carbon filter and water softens, etc., used to remove large particles of impurities, organic matter, heavy metals and residual chlorine in water; Reverse osmosis membrane system: composed of reverse osmosis membrane, membrane shell and membrane component, is the core part of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment; Post-treatment system: including mixed bed, EDI module and desalt device, etc., for purifying water, removing trace impurities and salts in water; Control system: including PLC control, instrumentation and valves, etc., used to control the operation of equipment and monitor water quality.

In order to make the reverse osmosis equipment use longer, it is necessary to do some regular maintenance work, such as replacing consumables, it can also be understood that the machine needs regular maintenance for a long time, and the general reverse osmosis equipment consumables include quartz sand, activated carbon, softening resin, scale inhibitor, PP filter element, reverse osmosis membrane elements, etc. Its replacement time depends on a variety of factors, such as water quality, water consumption, equipment operating time, etc. How often does it need to be replaced ?

1. Quartz sand

The normal life of the general use is about 8 to 24 months, when replacement is needed, better to choose the quartz sand, the color is relatively pure white, in general, select some strict treatment with the filter media standard production and processing products.

2. Activated Carbon

The normal life under normal use is about 8 to 24 months, and at the time of replacement, you can choose coconut shell activated carbon to remove most of the organic matter in the water, iron oxide and so on.

3. Softening resin

The normal life under normal use is about 8 to 24 months, it is mainly a polymer, and when it is replaced, it is also necessary to choose domestic or imported resins.

4. Precision filter element

The life of the precision filter element depends on a variety of factors, such as inlet water quality, filtration flow, service time, filtration accuracy, etc. In general, the life of the precision filter element is about 3-6 months, but the actual life may vary due to different conditions of use. Use a precision filter to remove the residual suspended matter and colloids in the water to make the equipment safer.

5. Reverse osmosis RO membrane

The life of RO membrane elements depends on many factors, such as inlet water quality, operating pressure, temperature, pretreatment, cleaning frequency, etc. Generally speaking, the life of RO membrane elements is about 2-5 years, but the actual life may vary due to different conditions of use.

The above is only a rough time range, and the actual replacement time needs to be judged according to the specific situation. If the water quality is poor, the water consumption is large, and the equipment runs for a long time, then the replacement time of consumables may be shortened. In addition, if the equipment fails or the water quality is not up to standard, it is also necessary to replace the consumables in time. To ensure the normal operation of the reverse osmosis device and the quality of the effluent water, it is recommended to maintain the device regularly and replace the consumables according to the actual situation. At the same time, when using the equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the changes in water quality and the operation of the equipment, and timely find problems and solve them.

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Post time: Feb-18-2024