Car Wash Water Recycling System 

Car wash water recycling system is a kind of equipment for the treatment of oily water, turbidity and insoluble solids in car washing wastewater on the basis of precipitation treatment by using the comprehensive treatment method of physics and chemical. The equipment adopts the integrated filtration water treatment process and is designed by large particle filtration, micro-filtration, fine filtration and other layers from coarse to fine treatment to achieve the standard of recyclable water.

Advantages of car wash water recycling system:

1.Adopting the industry’s first flow absorbing membrane method, under the push of pressure, using the nanoscale absorbing membrane pile to achieve automatic penetration of water molecules, intercept the Impurities of varying sizes, separate water molecules and grease, and using water pressure flow automatic washing to prevent clogging, complete long-term uninterrupted recovery and treatment of wastewater.

2.Comprehensive purification treatment, complete purification and deodorization, standard reuse
1) Impurity oil filtration
Adopting absorbing membrane pile technology oil adsorption, the impurities and oil in the car wash wastewater can be easily removed to prevent clogging.
2)Decomposition of dissolved organic compounds
Organic matter in water can be adsorbed and filtered by high efficiency adsorption medium, and the content of organic matter can be reduced effectively.
3)Decomposition of dissolved inorganic compounds
Using nitrite bacteria and nitrate bacteria to oxidize ammonia nitrogen into nitrite nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen to decomposed and reduce ammonia nitrogen in wastewater, environmental protection and safety!
4)Biological decomposition treatment
Adopting advanced environmental-protection biodecomposition technology, effective sterilization, deodorization and fresh-keeping, even stinky old wastewater can also be activated as new.

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Post time: Mar-29-2024