Application of ultra-pure water equipment in electroplating industry

At present, the competition in the ultra-pure water industry is fierce, and there are many manufacturers of ultra-pure water equipment in the market. The so-called ultra-pure water equipment, to put it bluntly, is the manufacturing equipment of ultra-pure water. What is ultra-pure water? In general, ultra-pure water is the water that is basically free of conductive media and other impurities.

Because ultra-pure water is not the water that can be obtained by ordinary processes, people begin to use various means and technologies to completely separate impurities and dielectrics in the water quality, and only in this way can ultra-pure water be obtained in a practical sense. In the process, ultra-pure water equipment was born. Ultra-pure water equipment integrates four processes including pretreatment, reverse osmosis, ultra purification treatment and post-treatment, after multi-system processing with multistage filtration device, effective ion exchange system, ultrafiltration device, UV lamp, TOC removal device, produced water by ultra-pure water equipment is resistivity in line with industry standards, no impurities, no bacteria, no viruses, of course, there will be no minerals and trace elements.

Electroplating refers to the plating of bright, adhesive, corrosion-resistant coatings on the surface of some metals and the plating of other metals with electroplating solution. The electrolyte should be prepared with pure water with an electrical conductivity of less than 15uS/cm. Therefore, it is necessary to use industrial ultra-pure water equipment to prepare pure water. During the rinsing process, electroplated pure water withan electrical conductivity of less than 10uS/cm is also required to clean the plated parts. Water treatment systems in the electroplating industry include pure water systems for preparing electroplating solution before electroplating and zero-discharge systems for recovering rare metals from electroplating rinse wastewater. The system usually consists of pretreatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, EDI equipment and so on to meet the electroplating industry to various water quality requirements.

Application of ultra-pure water equipment in electroplating industry:

1. Pure water forelectroplating (gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, plastic plating, chrome plating, galvanized) and ultra-pure water for glass coating.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning with pure water, ultrasonic cleaning, chemical plating and electrophoresis with pure water orultra-pure water.

3. Coating and cleaning with pure or ultra-pure water on surfaces of automobiles, household appliances and building materials.

4. Pure water or ultra-pure water for other required surface treatment.

Ion exchange resin is used in the traditional electroplating solution water preparation, and the resin usually needs frequent regeneration and costs manpower and material resources. The low pressure reverse osmosis plus EDI technology has low operating cost and stable operation, and is a safe and reliable process for preparing industrial high purity water.

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Post time: Dec-11-2023