About regular maintenance of RO reverse osmosis water treatment system

Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is a commonly used water treatment equipment. The principle of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is mainly reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis is a kind of physical separation technology, its principle is to use the permeation of semi-permeable membrane to let water molecules and various small molecules pass through the semi-permeable membrane, and various harmful substances such as heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. are trapped on the surface of the semi-permeable membrane, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality.

How long does the RO reverse osmosis water treatment system need to be maintained? How to maintain? What are the standards to maintain?

1.Maintenance reasons:

After the RO membrane of reverse osmosis equipment runs for a period of time, the hardness of the water, such as calcium carbonate plasma, will cause scale to form on the surface of the RO membrane, and organic matter and microorganisms will breed and attach to the surface of the membrane. After the contamination and scaling of RO membrane, the water output of reverse osmosis equipment decreases, the impurity content of the effluent quality of reverse osmosis membrane increases, and the desalting effect becomes worse.

2.How often is it maintained?

It is mainly affected by the inlet water source, the design parameters of reverse osmosis equipment, and the filter materials used for pre-treatment.

1) if the inlet water is tap water, after the standard sand carbon + fine filtration treatment and then into the reverse osmosis membrane process, generally, chemical cleaning is required once a year.

2) Wash it every six monthsif the water quality is with high hardness.

3) For water reuse, or high salt wastewater, the cleaning frequency varies from a few days to several months according to the water quality analysis report.

3.How do youdetermine if it’s time for maintenance or cleaning?

1) when the water yield is more than 20% less than the initial operation, you can carry out maintenance and cleaning

2) when the desalination rate of effluent water quality is reduced by 10%, it can be determined that maintenance isneeded

3) When the differential pressure of the working pressure is increased by 20% compared with the initial operating pressure, it can also be judged as the maintenance standard.

4.How to improve the service life of the membrane?

1)The pretreatment should meet the standard;

2) design the system according to the composition of water;

3)the system control flow design is reasonable, regular automatic cleaning.

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Post time: Jan-24-2024